Survivor’s Club Dreadlocks & Reiki Healing envelopes many meanings. It’s about making it through the best and worst this life has to offer and not giving up. Survival is a process that’s intertwined with all aspects of our being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It’s quite often painful, messy, and scary as hell. But surviving also forces growth. It leads and pushes us to do more, be more, and can truly teach us what we’re made of.

In my life this far, I’ve survived and conquered a childhood with a terminally ill mother and an absent father. I’ve survived domestic violence and mental, physical, and emotional abuse. Years of drug addiction, depression, anxiety, and shame. Wearing dreadlocks has brought me courage and freedom. The courage and freedom to find my truth and share my evolution without judgment and shame.

Throughout this journey I found the wisdom and grace of Reiki energy. Reiki has supported and encouraged me energetically to move through things such as mental illness and detoxing from western medications without fear and doubt. It has helped me connect with Spirit, my Higher Self, and my purpose. And to be honest, it’s just freaking cool to physically experience this subtle yet powerful energy coursing through my body!

I encourage you to give yourself permission to explore and experience the journey of wearing dreadlocks! What will you learn about yourself when you look in the mirror? It would be my honor to help you find out!