dreadlock Services

1: New Dreadlocks

Now that you’ve given yourself the permission and freedom to loc your hair, it’s time for new dreadlocks. Straight and silky or textured hair. Thick, curly, or thin and fine, I make beautiful dreadlocks on all hair types.

So you’re ready to express your inner Survivor - to celebrate and recover that part of yourself you might not have known was lost? Let’s do it!


We will discuss and choose a pattern to compliment your head shape and thickness of your hair. I will use a root tie (recommended but optional), back comb, and crochet each section into glorious dreadlocks!


During your appointment we will cover various ways to care for your new dreads, products, and other FAQ’s all new dreadheads need to know to have happy, healthy, beautiful dreadlocks!


 *all time are estimates and vary greatly depending on the length and thickness of your hair*

  • Partials / peek a boo dreadlocks (2-4 rows or dread hawk): 3-6 hours
  • Full head (no extensions): 6-12 hours
  • Cost: $25 hr

2: Maintaince

There comes a time in every dread heads journey to coax the hairs back where they belong- inside the locs! Whether you need root-to-tip loving or just want your roots tightened up, maintenance is here to encourage strong, healthy dreadlocks.

The battle of the frizz is REAL! When you’re ready to tame the wild beast your dreadlocks have become, it’s time for maintenance. If you like your dreads neat and tidy, you’ll want maintenance more often. If you love the wild look with all of its lumps and bumps, you can maintain them less. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to maintenance, but I strongly recommend regular (about every 3 months) maintenance in the first year to help control the shape and integrity of the locs as they shift and mature.


The more often you choose to have your dreadlocks maintained the faster, easier, and less expensive your sessions will be. We will always pay attention to your scalp health and the condition of your locs so we can address any changes or repairs right away, before they become problematic or damaging.


Maintenance sessions can vary greatly depending on the length and thickness or your locs, how crazy and floofy your dreads are, whether you need root to tip loving or root only care, repairs, extension replacement, and the number of dreads you have.


Full head: 4-8 hrs    

Partials/dread hawks: 2-4 hrs

Cost: $25 hr

3: Extensions

Don’t wait years to have the long dreadlocks of your dreams! Extensions can be created  to lengthen new and mature dreads at any time.

Don’t want to wait years to have a big, badass, beautiful dread bun? Worried about shrinkage? Now you don’t have to! Whether we extend your dreadlocks at their creation, or you’ve had dreads for years and desire more length, I’ve got you! I use a special technique to custom fit each extension perfectly, ensuring a tight and seamless transition from loc to the extension.


 You’ll never have to worry about slippage, pregnant belly joins, or not having the right size of the extension.


A consultation in person and/or over video is necessary for extension services in order to pick out the best colors and quality of 100% human hair to fit your budget. Together we will find you the perfect hair to make the long, beautiful dreadlocks of your dreams!



  • Full head of new dreadlocks with extensions: 10-24 hrs (1 to 3 sessions)


  • New partials/ dread hawk with extensions: 4-8 hrs


  • Extension of existing dreadlocks, full head: 8-16 hrs (1 to 2 sessions)


  • Extension of existing dreadlocks, partials/ dread hawk: 3-9 hrs


  • Cost: $25 hr


*Hourly rate is for the creation of dreadlocks and/or extensions. Client is responsible for the additional cost of extension hair and must be paid for, ordered, and received before your extension appointment.

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Straight and silky or textured hair. Thick, curly, or thin and fine, I make beautiful dreadlocks on all hair types.