Reiki is pure and beautiful energy that comes straight from the Universal Source of Life.

 I will channel this energy through my chakras and hands to you as you relax and enjoy the sensations that often occur during a healing session. You can specify areas of need to direct healing to, or simply let Reiki flow to where it’s needed most.

 Reiki is now being recognized and used in hospitals all over the USA to boost pre and post-operative healing, pain relief, chronic illness, and to help relieve symptoms associated with cancer and HIV/ AIDS treatments. Reiki has offered relief for many struggling with mental illness and emotional pain.

*I do not diagnose, advise, or treat medical or psychological illnesses. Reiki Healing is not intended to be a substitute for medical and/ or psychological treatment. If you are in crisis or have medical or psychological concerns, please seek help from a qualified medical professional.

I am a double-certified Usui Reiki Master offering mobile in-person sessions in your home or office for those that are local. Distance sessions are available worldwide.

  • cost: 30 minutes $30; 60 minutes $50

2: Reiki Classes

Let Reiki assist you on your healing journey and enjoy the benefits of energetic self-care.

Are you ready to connect with Reiki and begin using it on yourself, friends, family, and pets? I offer “Western” style Usui Reiki I to begin your personal Reiki journey. We will schedule an in-person class in the comfort of your home or office.


  • Approximately 3 hours. Cost: $75

In Reiki II you’ll learn the sacred symbols that refine the vibration of Reiki, further empowering physical, mental, and emotional healing. Think of it like turning the dial on a radio to specific channels. You’ll also learn how to send Reiki energy any distance, any time, to anyone!


  • Approximately 4 hours cost: $150

In Reiki III, the practitioner has spent much time developing a deep relationship with the higher consciousness of Reiki energy. Some will seek the Master level to attain higher levels of spiritual awareness, and some will become a Reiki Master in order to share this beautiful healing system with others as a teacher. Most will seek both. I will teach you how to pass Reiki on to others in Reiki III.


*Students must have had Reiki II for at least 6 months before moving on to the Master level.

We will meet twice for Reiki III, approximately 4 hrs each session


  • Cost: $400

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Let Reiki assist you on your healing journey and enjoy the benefits of energetic self-care.