Is Reiki For Realzies

Years ago, a friend gave me a little Reiki technical manual. I remember thinking, “If this Reiki thing is for real, why isn’t EVERYONE doing it?!”. It described hand placements as well as incredible benefits of every kind. Reiki a bloody nose? BOOM! Bloody nose stops bleeding! Reiki your food and drinks to enhance the nutritional value? Sure! Why not? Cleanse and charge your crystals? Um, yes please!

The days leading up to my attunement (initiation), and honestly during the entire class, I kept worrying “what if this is all a bunch of bull crap and I’m about to get ripped off” or “why haven’t I heard of this before if it’s so great“ and “I’m going to feel really stupid if this is just some sort of scam”. Honestly, it all sounded too good to be true.

During the attunement and immediately after, I don’t recall feeling any differently and briefly wondered if perhaps it didn’t work on me? On the hour drive back home I was alone in a quiet car and began to realize I could feel distinctive sensations coming out of the palms of my hands. In a state of equal parts disbelief and excitement I began to “turn it off” and back “on”. Then off, and on. Over and over it obeyed my commands and the realization that Reiki was, in fact, for realzies, was almost as exciting as the sensation itself!

Once home, I immediately wrangled my family into somewhat willing test subjects. Squealing joyously with every confirmation to “can you feel that?, that’s Reiki!” I came to the conclusion that yes, Reiki is real, long before I found out it’s able to be measured by sensitive scientific equipment. I can feel it. Physically feel it. Now, are you curious yet? Would you like to feel it too?